There are plenty of energy saving products on the market, but Orange Energizing Solutions is committed to providing companies with useful products at affordable prices. Their networking of Utility Providers allow them the ability to offer subsidized products and free services to grocery and restaurants owners. One of their newest products is the Commercial pre-rinse spray valve. OES’s Commercial pre-rinse spray valves can help restaurant owners increase productivity and save money each year.

Added benefits

Besides saving water, the cost of electric/ gas (pending on the water heater) is reduced by using a Commercial pre-rinse spray valves.

Our pre-rinse uses fewer gallons per minute than the many existing pre-rinse valves on the market. Saving restaurant owners water and money.

Timesavings is one of the best advantages of using a pre rinse spray valve. Restaurants that turn over tables quickly have more dishes to wash. To save on energy and be more efficient on time, smart restaurant owners’ normally have a process in place that includes a commercial pre-rise spray valve in the cleaning process.


Utility Companies have many different programs in place allowing restaurants to be reimbursed for the energy saving measure, installation, and maintenance of products that promote energy efficiency.


OES has over 15 years of industry experience with energy efficient products. This expertise allows us to helps businesses increase revenue through monthly reductions with energy saving products.


OES provides energy saving solutions for restaurants in many different ways. Another energy saving measure, we offer is customized refrigerator gaskets.

Educating consumers about energy efficiency programs is extremely important to OES. This passion for education has inspired OES to conduct research for energy efficient trends in the refrigeration industry in order to keep up to date as well as making sure we can provide the best energy solutions for our clients both domestically and internationally.

Restaurants have to watch their bottom line closer than ever before. OES provides energy efficient products like low flow pre-rinse spray valve and refrigerator gasket to help increase revenue for restaurants. Their energy savings programs help local businesses keep more money in their pockets by reducing energy waste. Find out more at Orange Energizing Solutions today.

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