EC Motors

Product Description

The electronically commutated motors (ECM) are brushless DC motors. They are extremely efficient, quiet and reliable. The ECM has low levels of noise and vibration which are achieved due to their exceptional low spin current motor design. The ECM not only reduce electricity consumption but rather saves the facility’s demand charges. Energy useful life and high reliability characterize this energy efficient product, that results in maintenance and service cost savings on the overall refrigeration system. ECM motors can reduce intensely the motor heat friction and by doing so reduce the energy consumption, at times even up to 65%.  

The Solution

Orange Energizing Solutions installs high quality ECM for walk-in and reach-in units for all refrigeration commercial businesses that will reduce your unit operating costs. The product usually pay for itself within less than a year. The company has sold and installed hundreds of this energy efficient measure in the many electric utility energy efficiency programs.