LED Caselights

Product Description

LED is a semiconductor device that emit light when a suitable voltage is applied to the leads. It requires a driver in order to properly regulate the current to the LED, the driver is the equivalent of the ballast for a fluorescent system. LED light varies in color as well as color quality. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is a very attractive option for use in refrigerated display cases for several reasons. They lower power demand, emit less heat into the case which result less work time of the compressor which saves energy to the refrigeration system. Not only do LEDs require less energy for lighting, but the fixtures can also be installed to dissipate heat outside the case, resulting in reduced refrigeration energy needs as mentioned previously The LED actual life has a longer operating life, use less wattage and illumination is much higher than a regular T8 or T12, making the appearance of the merchandise better and clearer. An LED can last up to 10 years.  

The Solution

Orange Energizing Solutions will provide your business with LEDs for your reach-in cases. Our LED case lighting are both DLC (Design Lights Consortium) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved. We install 4’, 5’ and 6’ Feet of LED Case lights. The company has sold and installed hundreds of this measure in various electric utility energy efficiency programs.