Night Covers

Product Description

Night covers are installed on existing open-type refrigerated display cases, they are deployed during the facility unoccupied hours in order to reduce refrigeration energy consumption. Deployment of night covers at the location should be deter- mined on a case by case basis. There are no demand savings for this measure because the covers will not be in use during the peak period. The main benefit of using night covers on open display cases is a reduction of infiltration and radiation cooling loads. It is recommended that these covers have small, perforated holes in order to decrease moisture buildup. Types of display cases can be found in small and medium to large size grocery stores. The air temperature inside low-temperature display cases is below 0°F, medium-temperature are between 0°F to 30°F, and high temperature are between 35°F to 55°F.  

The Solution

Orange Energizing Solutions has its own line of Night Covers. We manufacture and assemble 3 & 4 ft. covers that provides kWh savings for facilities with open show cases in their after hours business operation. In order for a Night Cover reach optimum savings efficiency it needs to be deployed between 4-6 hours during business closing time. The lower the temperature state of the multiple show case, the higher kWh savings results and cost effectiveness will be. Many utilities subsidize this high impact energy efficient product in their energy efficiency programs.