Refrigeration Gaskets

Product Description

Refrigeration gaskets are tight fitting, which inhibit infiltration of warm, moist air into the cold refrigerated space, which provides a direct reduction in cooling load. Also, by decreasing the moisture which enters the refrigerated space the gasket prevents frost building up on the cooling coils. Having frost in the refrigerator coil’s has a harmfully impact on the entire refrigeration system, it can affect the heat transfer, reduces air passage, as well as increasing energy consumption during the defrost cycle. Thus, replacing defective door gaskets reduces the compressor run time while improving the efficiency of the overall heat removal process from the refrigerator.

Where and How

Door gaskets are placed on doors of refrigerated display cases in supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants, to ensure proper sealing of closed doors. As mentioned, door gaskets reduce the overall refrigeration load by preventing infiltration of warm, moist air into refrigerated space. Virtually all doors in refrigerated display cases and main doors for walk-in coolers and freezers have door gaskets by custom design. However, the gaskets need periodic replacement to ensure proper sealing of closed doors.

End Users Problem

Replacing a refrigeration gasket is always a hassle for local grocery stores and supermarket chains. You need to know the type of gasket you have according to the type of manufacturer which is very complicated. In the unlikely event that you did choose the right one you will call the gasket manufacturer to send you the gasket you chosen and only after a few weeks you will receive the gasket in a box all curly and tangled up.

The Solution

Orange Energizing Solutions will provide the right OEM custom refrigeration gaskets for your establishment. We will provide the guidance and professional consultation for replacing your refrigeration gasket, followed by identifying the right type of gasket and measure taken at your site, after which we will assemble the suitable gasket for you at our assembly facility and install the gasket after a few business days.

Apart from saving our clients the complicated logistics that associated with replacing the gaskets, the replacement of a new gasket will result in high kWh savings for your establishment which will translate to lower electric bills each month. Gaskets are also a high important tool when it comes to food safety aspects. Many states, cities and counties have standard and codes regarding the preservation of meat, dairy, frozen foods, fruits, vegetables and drinks.


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