We are incredibly proud of our national recognition.

At Orange Energizing Solutions (OES), we are proud to say that we have won several awards throughout our years of service. We believe this is a testament to the quality of our work, our customer service, and our superior products. We combine all of this to achieve our primary goal of providing energy efficiency programs in the commercial sector to lower energy bills and increase profitability for businesses.


Efficiency Works Business Contractor Contributor Award
Largest Energy Saver

Efficiency Works is a business we partner with to provide energy incentives to companies in Colorado. Efficiency Works unites the Colorado utility companies Estes Park Light & Power, Fort Collins Utilities, Longmont Power & Communications, Loveland Water and Power, and Platte River Power Authority. We were awarded the Largest Energy Saver award in 2017 for providing the most energy savings to customers out of all of their service providers.


Efficiency Works 2016 Award Winner
Most Energy Savings in 2016

Efficiency Works is a business we partner with to provide energy incentives to businesses in Colorado. We also won the award for most energy savings of any of their service providers in 2016.

Efficiency Works Business Award Recipient in 2016


Mississippi Energy Saver
Earned $31,013 in incentives and programs

Statement from Mississippi Power:

“We would like to thank [OES] for being a Participating Contractor and such a valuable business partner as we launched our energy efficiency programs this year. In 2015, Orange Energizing Solutions earned $31,013 in incentives through efforts supporting our programs. As we continue to improve and grow these programs, we look forward to another successful year together.”

Ameren Illinois
Ally Honor Roll Project Leaders

Ameren Illinois awards their top-performing program allies a spot on the Ally Honor Roll. Companies who make this list have helped Ameren Illinois customers achieve exemplary energy savings—boosting the customers’ bottom line and making a positive impact on the environment.

Ameren Missouri
Featured as a Money-Saving Trade Ally

As a leading provider and installer of cost-effective, energy efficient solutions for all commercial refrigeration businesses, Orange Energizing Solutions was able to save Missouri businesses time and money by working with Ameren Missouri.

We continue to win awards each year.

We continually provide our customers with outstanding services and energy savings.


Large C&I Rookie of the Year
Became Trade Ally – August 2014 (AR)

We received this award due to the completion of 247 projects, over 2 million kWh saved, and by offering $161,304 in incentives.

DTE Energy
2014 Top Performer and Designated Trade Ally

We were a top trade ally in 2014 and had more than 2,000 paid electric applications as well as being in the top 10 Designated Trade Ally in paid electric incentives.

Efficiency United
Top Performance Award

We were recognized as a top performer by demonstrating our continued commitment to achieving excellence and success.


DTE Energy
2013 Top Performer

We were a Top 10 Performer and submitted $4,401,510 in electric incentives and 1,203 electric applications.

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