Night Covers

Save energy around the clock with night covers.

Have you ever thought about all of the ways that you could save energy in your facility after hours of business operation? Orange Energizing Solutions (OES) can help your facility save money by installing night covers for your refrigerated cases.

What Are Night Covers?

Night covers, or refrigerator covers, are deployed during your facility’s unoccupied hours in order to reduce refrigeration energy consumption. Although night covers cannot be used during peak periods of operation, using them on open refrigerated display cases can reduce infiltration and radiation cooling loads. Night covers typically have small, perforated holes in order to decrease moisture buildup as well.

Benefits of night covers include the following:

  • Increase energy efficiency and case performance.
  • Lower utility bills and operating costs.
  • Easy installation and use.
  • Durable and last for years.
  • Reduce refrigeration equipment maintenance.
  • Lower heating costs.

Save 37-50% more energy!

OES’ night covers are a green, energy-saving product that will improve your store’s energy efficiency immediately.

High-Quality, Cost-Effective Night Covers

At Orange Energizing Solutions (OES), we manufacture our night covers in-house. Our magnetic refrigerator covers are durable and utilize a strap handle and magnet to fasten the cover to the bumper of the display case. The night covers produced in our manufacturing facilities have a long service life and will far outlast and outperform any other factory brand.

We manufacture and assemble three and four-foot covers for facilities with open refrigerated display cases. Our night covers provide kWh savings during non-operating hours. For a night cover to reach optimum savings efficiency, it needs to be deployed between four and six hours while the business is closed. For this reason, facilities are assessed on a case-by-case basis to determine if a night cover makes sense. The lower the average temperature of the display case, the higher the kWh savings and cost-effectiveness of the product will be. OES handles the manufacturing and installation of energy-efficient night covers. We install night covers quickly and efficiently so that you will start saving money and see a return on your investment right away.

Save Money At Every Hour Of The Day

Night covers are one of the many ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your commercial refrigeration systems over night. Several facilities, including grocery stores and mini-marts, have already taken advantage of this high-impact, energy-efficient solution as a part of their energy efficiency program. While insulated covers may seem like something small, the cost savings can be tremendous. If you are interested in learning more about insulated night covers and how they could improve the energy efficiency of your facility, contact OES today.

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