When we complete a project, our services don’t stop there.

At Orange Energizing Solutions (OES), we pride ourselves on providing a full suite of maintenance services to our clients to ensure that their refrigeration systems continue to operate efficiently. Our maintenance plans keep everything up-to-date and in proper working condition in your facility. Once a project is complete, we conduct a routine inspection and refrigeration cleanup.

What Our Maintenance Plans Look Like

Whether you are a supermarket, restaurant, fast food restaurant, grocery store or a mini mart of any size- small or large, we follow the same process for all our commercial clients. We strive to offer effective maintenance and repair services so that the commercial refrigeration in your facility continues to work efficiently.

  1. Initial Walkthrough: First, we visit your facility and check out every unit (all types of commercial coolers including commercial walk-in coolers and reach-in units). During the walkthrough, we mark every unit with a number so that we can effectively note what is broken or needs to be repaired.
  2. Create A Database: Next, we create a database for your store. If you are a big chain, information for all stores will be available here. The database provides both teams with a list of named units and specifies which of them have issues.
  3. Fix Issues And Perform Repairs: If something is broken or needs to be repaired, we explain the issue and how our services will fix the problem. Whether you need a small commercial cooler repair for display cases or commercial walk-in cooler repair, our team can provide the services quickly and efficiently.

We come back every three months to perform routine maintenance for our clients. If something is broken before then, you can call us and we will be out to fix the problem as soon as possible. This is a free service that we offer to our clients, and we only charge if a repair is needed.

We pride ourselves on providing full maintenance services.

Our clients are ensured that their refrigeration systems continue to operate efficiently.

Our Maintenance Plans Keep Your Refrigeration Systems Operating Efficiently

Not only does OES manufacture and install energy efficient solutions to commercial refrigeration systems, but we also provide ongoing maintenance services to our clients. We routinely check up on your refrigeration systems and perform any repairs that are needed. We offer this as a complimentary service because we want your systems to continue working and operating at peak efficiency. We truly believe in keeping every part of your refrigeration system in tip-top shape and maintaining the installations we have made. By doing this, you are reducing your energy usage and saving your facility money.

If you would like to receive a free energy survey at your commercial facility, we will come in and assess your facility to find energy-saving opportunities with your commercial refrigeration systems. Once you begin working with us, our top-notch customer service doesn’t stop there. We continually work with you to perform repairs when necessary. Contact OES today to learn more.

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