Strip Curtains

Lower your energy expenses with cost-effective strip curtains.

The primary cause of air infiltration for walk-in coolers and freezers is the air density difference between two adjacent spaces of different humidity and temperatures and humidity. Orange Energizing Solutions will improve energy efficiency and reduce costs in your facility by installing strip curtains for walk-in coolers and freezers.

What Are Strip Curtains?

PVC vinyl strip curtains are designed to properly contain the temperature of your refrigeration areas and decrease your energy costs. Strip curtains are used to reduce the refrigeration cooling load associated with the infiltration of non-refrigerated air into the refrigerated spaces of walk-in coolers. The total refrigeration load depends on a few major variables such as door perimeters, door opening time, and the difference in temperature between the refrigerated and non-refrigerated ambient air.

Advantages of installing PVC strip curtains include:

  • Increased energy efficiency and adds cost savings.
  • Reduced dust and contaminants in the refrigerated area.
  • Keep products fresher longer.
  • Separated work areas and helps avoid contamination.

Studies have found that walk-in cooler and freezer doors are typically open anywhere from two to two and a half hours per day. To achieve a decrease in infiltration, one depends on the efficiency of newly installed strip door curtains as infiltration barriers. Installing a strip curtain in a walk-in case results in the reduction of compressor run time and energy consumption.

Remain In Compliance With Federal Standards

According to the latest federal refrigeration standards provided by the U.S. Department of Energy, every walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer manufactured on or after January 1, 2009, must have strip doors or another method of minimizing air infiltration when walk-in doors are opened. Strip curtains are the best, most cost-effective barrier to comply with this standard.

Want to save $50-$350 per door each year?

The average kWh savings of strip curtains can be 420 kWh per door, each year for coolers and 2900 kWh for freezers.

Providing Energy-Efficient Solutions For Walk-In Coolers And Walk-In Freezers

OES specializes in identifying and installing the right type of strip curtains for your facility. We manufacture strips that are four inches, six inches, and eight inches in width for your walk-in doorways so we can determine the right type of strip curtain based on the products that are being stored, the door opening time frequency, and other factors. Our experts will handle the installation from start to finish and implement the most energy-efficient solution for your company. Our top quality strip curtains have been implemented and approved by multiple electric utility companies that offer this energy efficiency measure as a part of their programs.

For top-quality PVC strip door curtains and installation services performed by professionals, OES is the partner to call. We have experience working with restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and many other industries with commercial refrigeration systems. If you have any questions about the strip curtains that we manufacture in-house or want to schedule a consultation, contact OES today.

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