EC Motors

Increase the overall efficiency of refrigerator systems with OES.

EC motors are the latest innovation in energy-efficient air movement technology and can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your refrigerator systems.

What Are EC Motors?

Electronically commutated motors (ECM) are brushless direct current (DC) motors. They are incredibly efficient, quiet, and reliable. Electronically controlled motors are electric motors which have permanent magnets on the rotor and use electronics to control the voltage and current applied to the motor. An electronically controlled motor works through the interaction of two magnetic fields pushing on each other. They use permanent magnets to create the rotor field and a series of coils controlled by an electronic controller to create the stator field.

Because EC motors have electronics controlling the stator and do not need to waste power inducing the rotor field, they offer more efficient performance and control and run cooler than induction motors. EC motors are used in applications where high motor efficiency, reliability, and control is desired.

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The Advantages Of EC Motors

  • Extremely efficient since they use one-half to one-third less electricity than traditional motors.
  • Run at lower temperatures and dramatically reduce the amount of wasted heat.
  • Wider operating range than traditional motors, which means that one EC motor can replace the job of several traditional motors.
  • Customers can optimize and integrate the motor with the application since the motor’s operation is controlled by software.

Reduce energy consumption up to 65%!

EC motors can reduce the motor heat friction and by doing so, reduce your energy consumption.

We Are Knowledgeable EC Motor Manufacturers

Orange Energizing Solutions (OES) manufacturers and installs high-quality ECM for walk-in and reach-in units for all businesses with commercial refrigeration. Our ECM products produce low levels of noise and vibration which is achieved due to their exceptional low spin current motor design. Not only does an ECM reduce electricity consumption, but it also saves your facility money on energy bills. The high reliability of ECMs results in maintenance and service cost savings on your overall refrigeration systems.

Our high-quality design and careful techniques allow us to design EC motors that will improve the energy efficiency in your facility, and the product usually pays for itself within a year. We have experience working with companies throughout the United States and Canada; we have sold and installed hundreds of energy efficient measures.

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EC Motors For Your Commercial Refrigeration Systems

OES manufactures and installs several energy-saving products in commercial facilities. ECMs are the most energy-efficient and cost-effective direct current motor system for your facility. Other traditional motors will not provide the same cost savings, quiet sound, and energy efficiency that ECMs can provide. If you are interested in learning more about our EC motors and how they can help your facility, we would be happy to answer your questions. Contact OES today to answer any questions about ECMs.

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