LED Applications

LED applications for all of your business needs.

From retail and hospitality to commercial and industrial, all businesses need efficient lighting solutions. With so many options out there, how can you be sure that you are choosing the most efficient, cost-effective option for your facility? LEDs are the most efficient option on the market, and Orange Energizing Solutions (OES) provides top-quality installation services for businesses in U.S. and Canada.

What Are LED Lighting Fixtures?

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. The diode emits light when activated and releases energy in the form of photons. LEDs are becoming more popular due to their efficiency, range of color, and long lifespan. LED lighting is a highly efficient technology that allows your business to get the same amount of light at a fraction of the cost when compared to conventional light fixtures.

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Advantages Of LEDs

  • Low energy consumption, which reduces energy costs.
  • Long lifespan, which can be up to ten times as long as conventional lighting.
  • Safer because they produce better light and less heat.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.

LEDs are suitable for a range of applications in commercial facilities. They can be installed in offices, factories, retail stores, refrigerators, warehouses, parking lots, or any other space where lighting is required. LEDs are an excellent replacement for fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, and HIDs.

LED lighting applications offer several excellent benefits.

Low energy consumption, long lifespan, and a reduction in maintenance costs can all be achieved with LED lighting.

Installation Of High-Quality LED Lighting Products

At Orange Energizing Solutions (OES), we install the most energy-efficient, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective LED products available. We work with companies in a variety of industries, and for all of our clients with commercial refrigeration systems, we offer LED freezer room lights, LED refrigeration lighting, LED display case lighting, and more. We have worked with facilities across various industries and installed LED lighting in both indoor and outdoor spaces while accommodating your business’ peak hours.

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Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

OES is continually researching the ever-expanding LED marketplace to source the most efficient, state-of-the-art, and cost-effective products available. We are committed to providing our customers with the best lighting solutions that not only reduce overhead costs, but also best suits their individual needs, lighting requirements, and budget. Our professional installers are trained electricians who install excellent products to ensure that we illuminate your business in the best, most efficient way possible. We also work with various programs to find incentives for our clients to make their projects affordable.

Whether you need LED freezer lights or LEDs for a large warehouse, we have the team and the high-quality products to fulfill your project on time and on budget. If you have any questions regarding LED applications or would like to get started on a project today, contact us.

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