We work to minimize your out-of-pocket cost.

At Orange Energizing Solutions (OES), we specialize in working with our clients to minimize the out-of-pocket expenses required for an energy efficiency upgrade.

Rebates And Incentives To Fund Your Project

At OES, we work with utility companies like Efficiency Works and Xcel Energy to provide our customers with incentives to fund their project. These companies get grants from the government (green energy incentives through federal programs). By working with companies that can receive federal energy rebates, we reduce costs for our clients. We work hard to ensure that we are minimizing the total out of pocket cost for our customers for every single project that we complete.

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If a project were to cost us $1,000 to complete (including both parts and labor), but an incentive could cover 70% of the project, we will only charge the client the remaining 30%. We don’t charge you additional upfront costs; we factor in the incentive before providing the customer with their final cost. Many upgrades that we complete are provided at no cost to the customer because can find incentives to cover the entire project. Our team is very knowledgeable about all consumer energy rebates, and we can find funding through a number of different sources.

Find incentives that cover a significant portion of project costs.

Upgrade your building to be energy efficient with little to no money out of pocket.

Making Your Rebate Go Further

Another contractor may charge significantly more than they need to for an energy efficiency project, meaning your rebate won’t go as far in terms of covering your project. At OES, we provide realistic rates with no hidden fees so that your incentive can be stretched further to cover a considerable amount of your project.

Our process is straightforward, and we handle every part of the rebate application process.

  1. Energy Analysis: We perform a walkthrough of your facility and assess all energy-using systems to see where your facility is lacking in efficiency.
  2. Submit Pre-Approval Paperwork: We get started on incentive paperwork right away. Pre-approval paperwork can be difficult to understand for someone who has never completed it before. For this reason, we complete all paperwork on your behalf, minimizing hassle and keeping your project on schedule.
  3. Installation: Once we find your incentives, we schedule the project, and the installation process begins. This can involve the installation of various refrigeration products to improve efficiency or the installation of LED lighting in your facility.
  4. Final Paperwork: Finally, we submit all final paperwork to the utility company who offers the incentive.

Our process minimizes both hassle and costs for your business. By completing applications on your behalf, you don’t have to deal with the headache of researching programs and applying on your own. We also work to provide you with competitive pricing that aligns with your budget.

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Achieve Energy Efficiency With Little To No Money Out Of Pocket

At OES, it is our goal to provide as many businesses as we can with energy efficient measures for their facilities. We aim to reduce costs to you and increase your profitability. We specialize in leveraging rebates and incentives to make your upgrade affordable. Contact OES to learn more about how we can lower your energy costs and provide incentives for your project.

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