Customized gaskets for your commercial refrigeration needs.

At Orange Energizing Solutions (OES), we manufacture custom gaskets from scratch or extrude existing gaskets to make them into different shapes. OES is an excellent source for gaskets because we eliminate the need for a middleman – passing the savings onto you. We have several manufacturing facilities to help us better serve clients across the United States and Canada.

We Manufacture Custom Gaskets For Refrigeration Units

Having our own manufacturing facilities allows us to provide you with the exact measurements of the products needed for your facility. Custom refrigerator door gaskets ensure that your refrigeration systems operate efficiently at all times, conserving energy, and keeping your products fresh. In addition to customized gaskets, we also have our own line of door closers, night covers, and anti-sweat heater controls which we recommend to our customers in accordance to their needs.

We are the top gasket manufacturer in the industry, and our dedicated assembly staff has extensive experience in refrigeration hardware. We have the necessary knowledge to manufacture custom refrigeration gaskets and strip curtains in the right dimensions for all types of reach-in refrigerators and walk-in doorways.

Manufacturing Plant | Orange Energizing Solutions

Top-Quality Commercial Refrigeration Gaskets

When we start working with a new client, we carefully survey all refrigeration units in their facility to determine the solutions that make the most sense for them. When looking at gaskets on refrigeration units, we have two options: gasket extrusion or manufacturing custom gaskets.

We manufacture our products in-house.

This helps us ensure the highest quality and the best solutions for your project.

Gasket Extrusion

Gasket extrusion involves removing the existing gasket from a refrigerator unit and forming it into a different shape. A gasket is designed to form an air-tight seal and serve as a barrier between the cold air inside the appliance and the warm external environment. If a gasket isn’t designed correctly or is worn, it may not do its job as well, resulting in reduced energy efficiency and a fridge that doesn’t keep products cold.

Customized Gaskets

If a facility needs brand new, custom designed gaskets, OES can also manufacture gaskets in one of our manufacturing facilities. We can either replace existing units or produce entirely new gaskets for your facility.

Gaskets Blueprints | Orange Energizing Solutions

Manufacturing And Assembling Customized Products For Your Facility

At OES, we are proud to have the capability to manufacture custom gaskets for commercial facilities. We have in-house experts who use quality products and techniques to ensure that your gaskets not only keep your products cold, but also improve the efficiency of your refrigeration units. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all things related to commercial refrigeration, and we enjoy helping companies become more profitable with our ability to manufacture and provide state-of-the-art products.

For top-quality products that can be manufactured quickly and efficiently, OES is the partner to call. Contact OES today to lower your energy bills, increase your profitability, and receive the expertise of seasoned professionals for the manufacturing of your refrigeration parts.

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