ASH Controls

A revolutionary energy-saving product for anti-sweat heaters.

Uncontrolled anti-sweat heaters typically operate non-stop, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, yet they are only needed a fraction of the time. How can you eliminate the additional energy?

What Are Anti-Sweat Heaters (ASH)?

Anti-sweat heaters in refrigerated display cases are electric resistance heaters installed in the frames and doors of refrigerated cases. These are commonly found in grocery stores and convenience stores. Anti-sweat heaters reduce condensation and prevent fogging in the windows. Condensation can lead to frost and ice build-up on door gaskets as well as limit product viability. An ASH prevents fogging on the doors when open, which makes it possible for customers to clearly view products.

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What Are ASH Controls?

Anti-Sweat Heater Control Systems (ASH controls) save you energy and money by controlling the amount of time the heating in your unit runs. ASH controllers adjust the heater duty cycle in response to relative humidity and dew point. When air is dry, and dew point is low, the heaters operate with a low duty cycle and surfaces can get colder without condensation forming. When air is more humid,  the ASH controllers operate with a 100% duty cycle.

Why install ASH controls?

  • Maximize your energy savings.
  • Short-term payback and high ROI.
  • Easy installation for new build or retrofit applications.
  • Door frames remain condensation free, and displays remain visible.

ASH controls are ideal for all grocery stores, convenience stores, and other commercial facilities with refrigeration units. Orange Energizing Solutions (OES) has our own line of high-quality ASH controls that we manufacture in-house. Our controls are easy to install, simple to maintain, and are likely to pay for themselves in less than a year. By having your unit run less often, your energy consumption can decrease by 60 to 80%, saving you as much as $150 annually per door (depending on the kWh rate in each state).

You may be wasting more energy than you think.

Nearly 80% of all supermarkets and grocery stores run their anti-sweat heaters constantly.

Trust The Professionals To Make Your Facility More Efficient

At OES, we have extensive experience installing energy-efficient solutions for companies who depend on commercial refrigeration. We have installed thousands of doors with ASH controls and, as we continue to grow, we are continuing to help more and more companies become energy efficient. Our high-quality product design and expert installation techniques help to ensure that your refrigeration systems will be operating at maximum efficiency at all hours.

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Commercial ASH Control Installation

If you are a company with refrigerated display cases looking to control and reduce costs, you can trust the experts at OES to handle the manufacturing and installation of your ASH controllers. Since our ASH controllers are manufactured and assembled in-house, we can execute your project quickly, effectively, and at a cost-effective price. To learn more about ASH controllers and how they could help you be more energy efficient, contact OES today.

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