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Florida Commercial Cooler of Choice

When it comes to commercial refrigeration, there is no one better to have in your corner than Orange Energizing Solutions. With nearly two decades of experience as professional refrigeration specialists, we have become a go-to source for cooler and freezer support. Whether you just need a new ice machine in the break room or you want to renovate the entire refrigeration environment, then you can count on us to serve you with anything that you need.

We make a conscious effort to ensure that your refrigeration systems are always in peak form. With the product support from energy experts, Dominion Energy, we are able to help businesses fulfill any of their specific refrigeration incentives. Every day, we work relentlessly to serve Dominion’s mission for helping companies invest in clean, renewable energy sources.

At OES, we install a variety of refrigeration and freezer items to companies within various industries. From walk in coolers to door hinging equipment, we’ll support your refrigeration technology with only the best solutions on the market.

In order to boost the efficiency of commercial refrigeration equipment, it’s best to take advantage of these cutting-edge solutions:

  • Ash Controls
  • E.C. Motors
  • Strip Curtains
  • Night Covers
  • Door Closers
  • LED Case Lights
  • Refrigeration Gaskets

Florida’s Sharpest LED Lighting Solutions

Refrigeration services are not the only thing that we specialize with. Our team also provides LED lighting upgrades to several different environments. We are very skilled and knowledgeable with the latest forms of commercial lighting technology. OES optimizes light fixtures to help businesses find their shine.

At OES, we provide industry-specific lighting solutions. Whether you work in a convenient store, hospital, or hotel, we have the solutions that will help bring out the best from your lighting systems. Our LED lighting equipment is long-lasting, energy efficient, and provides a bright illumination that is powerful enough to boost productivity within any work environment.

If you need an optimal solution to fill your facility with light, then be sure to take advantage of our commercial LED technology:

Minimize energy spending and improve profitability.

Whether it’s LED lighting support or refrigeration care, OES help you get its best use for less.

Give Your Energy Systems The Upgrades They Deserve

Whether it’s refrigeration or LED lighting, our experts are able to support you with everything that you need. We have the solutions that will help your business maintain an edge for years to come. If you’re tired of wasting your money on monthly energy expenses, then we’ll be there to help you reduce your spending. We provide comprehensive utility support to help facilities become more energy efficient.

If you want to make your next energy project as easy as possible, then give us a call today. Whether it’s refrigeration or LED lighting upgrades, we’ll help eliminate the headaches. We take a comprehensive approach to make sure that all energy projects are effectively executed. Our team will handle everything from filing rebate paperwork to installation services and more, which gives you more room to focus on what’s most important—serving your customers.

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