Industrial LED Retrofits

LED lighting upgrades made affordable with retrofits.

There are so many reasons to upgrade to LED lighting. Not only are they the safest form of lighting, but they also improve the quality of light and provide even lighting distribution throughout your facility. They also help save the environment from refuse and mercury and reduce your utility costs. However, some business owners don’t want to disrupt operations or make the capital investment required to upgrade to LED lighting fixtures; this is when retrofitting is a great option.

Why Retrofit?

Retrofitting is a way to use the same fixtures you already have but upgrade the lighting aspect of it or the energy supplier to the light. The term “retrofit” means to convert. A retrofit is essentially the process of adding new technology or features to an existing system. A fluorescent-to-LED retrofit kit is a bundled set of hardware that is designed to increase the efficiency and performance of an existing fluorescent fixture.

Orange Energizing Solutions (OES) has experience performing LED lighting retrofits for a variety of businesses across the United States and Canada. Because of our knowledge regarding energy efficiency programs, we can perform these upgrades at a lower cost by offering rebates and incentives to our clients.

We have performed retrofits in the following industries:

  • LED Parking Lot Lights Retrofit
  • Industrial LED Retrofits
  • Warehousing LED Retrofits
  • Grocery Store & Convenience Store LED Retrofits
  • Hospital LED Lighting Retrofits
  • Restaurant LED Retrofits
  • Office LED Retrofits
  • And More!

Make your upgrade more affordable with retrofitting.

Retrofitting is a cost-effective method of upgrade your lighting to LED without replacing the original fixtures.

LED Lighting Rebates Through Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy provides energy that powers millions of homes and businesses across America. We apply to LED lighting rebates through Xcel on your behalf, so you don’t have to deal with the confusion that sometimes comes along with the application process. We work with Xcel Energy and other local programs, so we can find rebates for you that will fund a significant portion of your project.

The Easiest, Most Affordable Way To Lower Your Electric Bill

Retrofitting is a cost-effective option if you want to upgrade your light fixtures to LEDs. Instead of replacing your entire fixture, retrofitting allows you to simply replace the old light bulbs with a more energy efficient option. We aim to help our clients see why a retrofit is a smart investment. We have extensive experience which allows us to install LEDs on almost any fixture. We also perform retrofits quickly and efficiently with most of the costs covered by utility companies or energy incentive programs.

Are you ready to start experiencing energy savings and all that LED fixtures have to offer? Reduce your maintenance costs and enjoy high-quality lighting solutions in your facility with an LED retrofit service from OES. We are the energy efficiency and lighting specialists that you can trust. Contact OES to get started with a free energy assessment today.

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