Find incentives to fund your efficiency upgrade in Canada.

While we work with many companies to offer LED incentives anywhere, Manitoba Hydro is a Canadian-based company that we specifically work with to provide incentives for commercial refrigeration upgrades. From gaskets to strip curtains to all other refrigeration hardware, Manitoba Hydro provides significant funding towards our client’s projects.

Energy Saving Programs In Canada

At OES, we aim to work with the best energy efficiency programs to offer our clients the best rebates and incentives available to them. For this reason, we have consistently worked with Manitoba Hydro in Canada to offer our Canadian customers supplemental funding for their projects.

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is an electric power and natural gas utility company in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Manitoba Hydro has been offering energy rebate programs in Canada for more than 25 years, and is a national energy program in Canada serving all provinces. Since introducing their rebates and programs, Manitoba’s customers have saved a total of $150 million on their energy bills.

We are proud to have worked with businesses in several provinces throughout Canada including Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and British Columbia. We offer all essential refrigeration hardware for companies looking to make an upgrade, including:

By working with Manitoba Hydro to offer their programs to our customers, we are able to perform upgrades at little to no cost for our clients.

In addition to commercial refrigeration hardware, we can also provide installation services for LED lighting fixtures in refrigeration cases. We can install LEDs in your facility through another energy efficiency program offered by Xcel Energy.

Incentives from Manitoba Hydro can subsidize your upgrade.

Working with Manitoba Hydro allows us to offer substantial funding for our clients’ projects.

We Understand Energy Efficiency Programs In Canada

When you get an energy efficiency upgrade, the fact that you are going to save money is a given. Working with OES, you’ll save more money than you ever thought possible. We work tirelessly to find the very best programs so that you can become energy efficient without depleting your budget. We have continued to work with Manitoba Hydro throughout our years in business because it allows us to provide excellent incentives for your project.

With the help of OES, you don’t have to stress about the process of finding energy efficiency programs in Canada or going through the application process; we handle all of it for you. If you have any questions regarding Manitoba Hydro or our products and services, contact OES today! We will perform a free energy assessment of your facility and determine how we can start saving you money. Lower your energy bills and increase your profitability with the help of incentive programs and efficiency upgrades from OES.

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