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Our office sales team finds new customer targets for the company by actively reaching out to potential clients in the market and explaining our capabilities and incentive options. Our field sales team then arrives at their location, provides a survey, and explains the options and benefits of receiving OES services.

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We proudly manufacture gaskets from scratch and customize gaskets for each refrigerator. We manufacture our own high-quality gaskets to replace current units, and we can also extrude gaskets to make them into different shapes.

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We staff expert installers to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. With more than 10,000 retrofit projects completed, our installation process is fast and efficient. We don’t just provide gasket installation, we make sure everything is functioning and optimized for your facility.

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Once a project is complete, our job doesn’t stop there. We offer maintenance plans to keep everything in your facility up-to-date and in the best working condition. Through routine inspections, we can keep everything working efficiently and provide all necessary repairs.

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