LED and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment For New York’s Brightest Businesses

Transform your working environment with the help of OES.

LED Solutions That You Can Count On

Orange Energizing Solutions is a leading force for LED lighting upgrades within New York City and other surrounding communities. Our team works relentlessly to help businesses conserve energy and save money. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the latest forms of commercial lighting technology. With its parking lot lighting, high-bay LED, or a retrofit design for an industrial warehouse, we have the perfect solutions that will help bring out the very best from your lighting structure.

At OES, we are responsible for helping businesses find their shine. We have served a variety of LED lighting solutions to companies within various industries. This includes convenient stores, hospitality centers, restaurants, hospitals, and many other commercial settings. Many of our LED lighting solutions consist of:

Our goal is to help companies cut energy spending while improving their office environment in the process. By working with energy masterminds, Efficiency Works and Xcel Energy, we are able to do just that. If you want to improve energy efficiency without having to deplete your budget, then be sure to take part in our all-inclusive project. Our team provides energy assessments, completes the necessary paperwork, secures all rebates, and installs the equipment ourselves.

New York City’s Commercial Cooler of Choice

When it comes to commercial refrigeration support, there is no one better to work with than the experts at OES. Our team provides energy-saving products that always deliver true results. For years, we have worked alongside Dominion Energy to help companies with their specific refrigeration incentives. Whether you need new replacement parts or want to completely renovate your entire kitchen area, you can always count on OES to set you up for success.

With OES by your side, you’ll be sure to bring new life to your walk-in refrigeration solution.

Whether it’s a walk-in cooler or just the community ice machine, we will make sure that your refrigeration technology is always performing at an optimal level. As New York’s premier source for commercial refrigeration parts, we offer a variety of cutting-edge solutions including:

Give your refrigeration environment an extra boost.

We are New York’s preeminent source for high-quality refrigeration and freezer solutions.

Call OES to Elevate Your Entire Working Environment

Do you want your business to become more energy efficient, but don’t know where to start? That’s where the experts at OES can help most. We know the ins and outs of commercial refrigeration and LED lighting. We provide affordable industry-specific solutions to support any specific setting. The best part is that you won’t even have to lift a finger. We’ll handle everything from the initial assessment to the final installation and beyond, so you can focus on what matters most – running your business.

If you want to bring out the best in your office, while saving money in the process, then contact us today to set up a free energy audit.

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