Outdoor LED Lights

Avoid paying too much for outdoor lighting with OES.

Similar to the inside of your facility, outdoor lighting is essential for a wide variety of business applications. LED lighting is an excellent solution for several outdoor areas.

LED Lighting—The Best Solution For Your Outdoor Lighting Needs

LED lighting is becoming a popular option for a variety of outdoor lighting applications because LEDs are by far the most energy efficient light on the market and they have the longest lifespan.

  • Lighting Quality: Businesses looking to illuminate the outdoor area of their facility need powerful, efficient lighting. You want to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for tenants and customers. The color temperature of LEDs is much different than that of traditional lighting. Traditional lighting creates a yellow shade of light, whereas LEDs emit a white light that makes areas of a parking lot appear almost as they do during the day.
  • Energy Efficiency: Operating lighting for nearly eight hours every night means running up high energy expenses. LEDs are much more efficient at delivering light when compared to other options on the market. LEDs emit light only to the areas where it is desired since they can produce directional light. Traditional forms of outdoor lighting can use up to 4000 watts, but by switching to LEDs, you can convert your fixtures to be 100 to 800% more efficient.
  • Lifespan: With traditional lighting fixtures, it is difficult to find a warranty that lasts longer than one or two years. LEDs, on the other hand, last two to ten times longer than alternatives on the market. Making the switch to LEDs significantly reduces maintenance costs associated with having to replace lights frequently.
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Outdoor LED Lighting Applications From Orange Energizing Solutions (OES)

At OES, we pride ourselves on providing energy-efficient solutions that increase your profitability and reduce energy costs. We have experience installing LEDs in a variety of outdoor settings including:

  • LED Parking Garage Lights
  • Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting
  • Commercial Building Outdoor LED Lighting
  • LED Street Lighting
  • LED Landscape and Decorative Lighting

We typically utilize floodlights, canopies, or strip lighting for outdoor LED lighting applications.

LEDs last two to ten times longer!

When compared to any alternatives on the market.

Flood Lights

Flood lights can be used on a pole or a wall pack and are commonly used to evenly distribute light across a large area. Floodlights on a pole are commonly used for parking lots and street lighting, whereas wall packs are often mounted on the outside facing walls of buildings. Wall packs are generally used to provide illumination for group areas commonly inhabited with vehicles or pedestrians.

Canopy LED lighting

Canopy lights can be used for underpasses, gas stations, storage areas, and loading docks to help illuminate hidden areas. Canopy lighting can also exist in damp locations, making them a popular option for car washes and parking garages.

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Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is ideal for warehouse settings, department stores, or grocery stores. Strip lights provide powerful lighting to a large area without depleting your budget. Industrial strip lighting fixtures are the perfect way to add illumination and warmth to your commercial setting.

Energy Saving Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions From OES

At OES, we will assist your business in finding the appropriate LED lighting solution for your facility. The energy efficiency, long life, and superior light quality of LEDs make them an attractive option for many businesses. To learn more about outdoor LED lighting or to schedule a service, contact the experts at OES.

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