Our Company

Orange Energizing Solutions is a United States based business which manufactures and installs high-quality gaskets and other essential refrigerator parts to restaurants, hotels, super markets, fast-food chains and other businesses in North America.

Because Orange Energizing Solutions manufactures its products in-house and serves clients across North America, it can provide the gaskets you need more quickly and at a better price.

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Our Products & Services

Our Gaskets provide a seal around the refrigerator door to prevent outside air from entering the cooler when the door is closed. Old or damaged door gaskets can lead to outside air leaks, resulting in higher refrigeration loads and excess frost build up on the evaporator. Replacing the damaged gasket can achieve a stronger seal, and help reduce refrigeration load. Our Products & Services include:

  • Expert Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Door Repairs
  • Gasket-Sweepers
  • Cooler and Freezer Night Covers
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Save on Energy - Subsidies

Grocery and retail stores and restaurants use significant amounts of energy for refrigeration. A grocery store's refrigeration can account for more than 50 per cent of the electricity bill.

  • Lower Your Energy Bills
  • Increase Your Profitability and Competitiveness
  • Lower Your Operating Costs
  • Reduce Your Product Spoilage
  • Lower Your Maintenance Costs
  • Extend Your Equipment's Life
  • Using Less Energy Helps Conserve Non-Renewable Resources and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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