Orange Energizing Solutions participates in many energy efficiency programs and provides grocery, retail stores, and restaurants with access to helpful energy saving measures like refrigerator gaskets. These programs often incentives for the purchase of the product and the price of installing through government subsidized directives.
As a Michigan energy efficiency provider, OES offers companies energy-cutting equipment such as their refrigerator gaskets. Their products like Commercial pre-rinse spray valves and LED lighting helps business owners reduce their energy usage. These energy saving measures have saved OES clients’ thousands of dollars and reduced their energy bills.

Often times grocery stores will not notice they’re refrigerator gaskets are old and defective.

Refrigeration gaskets are tight fitting, which inhibit infiltration of warm, moist air into the cold refrigerated space, which provides a direct reduction in cooling load. Also, by decreasing the moisture which enters the refrigerated space the gasket prevents frost building up on the cooling coils. Having frost in the refrigerator coils has a harmfully impact on the entire refrigeration system, it can affect the heat transfer, reduces air passage, as well as increasing energy consumption during the defrost cycle. Thus, replacing defective door gaskets reduces the compressor run time while improving the efficiency of the overall heat removal process from the refrigerator.

Advantages of a new refrigerator gasket

• High kWh Savings
• Maintain temperature levels
• Increase food safety
• Longer equipment life
• Prolonging the compressor lifecycle

Convenient access

OES compiled a list of participating utility companies that offer energy-efficient commercial refrigeration programs to help commercial customers reduce their carbon footprint with energy saving measures. Besides the energy savings, OES takes the hassle out of replacing the gaskets for the business owner. Since they provide a turnkey solution, OES employees can ensure each product is installed correctly keeping food fresh for longer, and minimizing maintenance expenses in the future. Michigan grocery, retail stores, and restaurants owners have a trusted leader with OES because of their diverse network with utility companies. Their programs are vital to small businesses within neighborhoods in Michigan.


Grocery, retail stores, and restaurants owners that are looking to save money and add value to their businesses in Michigan should consider Orange Energizing Solutions. Their connections, experience, and energy saving solutions provide businesses a variety of benefits. Previous clients have saved thousands of dollars with a convenient consultation with OES. Other clients rave about the experienced staff, helpfulness, and professionalism they experienced during their interaction with OES experts.

OES works closely with both the utility companies and customers, they understand the wants and saving financial that are possible for both parties. Using that knowledge OES create a unique energy saving solutions for each grocery, retail stores, and restaurants. OES will identify the optimal utility company program and use that as platform to help clients get quality energy saving measures for little to no cost.

By using energy reducing equipment, companies extend the life of their commercial refrigeration and lighting Systems. Lower energy bills equate to higher profit margins making each business a more competitive force in their market. OES gives new and existing Michigan companies the chance to thrive in their community.

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