Strip Curtains

Product Description

The primary cause of air infiltration into walk-in coolers and freezers is the air density difference between two adjacent spaces of different temperatures and humidity. The Strip Curtain are used to reduce the refrigeration cooling load associated with the infiltration of non-refrigerated air into the refrigerated spaces of walk-in coolers or freezers. The total refrigeration load depends on a few major variables such as the door perimeters, door opening time and the differential temperature between the refrigerated and non-refrigerated ambient air. Engineering studies show that walk-in door is open between 2 - 2.5 hours per day. To achieve decrease in infiltration one depends on the efficiency of the newly installed strip curtains as infiltration barriers, as well as the efficiency of the displaced infiltration barriers, if applicable. Installing strip curtain in a walk in case results in compressor run time and energy consumption reduction. The expected measure life is assumed to be 4-6 years.  

Federal Standard

According to the latest federal refrigeration standards provided by the U.S department of energy every walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer manufactures on or after Jan. 1, 2009 shall have strip doors or any other method of minimizing infiltration when walk-in doors are open; Strip curtains are the best cost effective barrier for this standard. According to various studies conducted in USA the average kWh savings of strip curtains can be from 420 kWh/door/year for coolers and around 2900 kWh/door/year for freezers, which can translate to $50-$350 saved per door a year depending on the electric rate of each establishment.  

The Solution

Orange Energizing Solutions specialize in identifying and installing the right type of strip curtain (4’’, 6’’, and 8’’ width) to your walk-in door way according to the product’s nature that is being stored at the case as well as the door opening time frequency. Our quality strip curtains have been implemented and improved by multiple electric utility companies that offer this energy conservation measure in their program.