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OES has built a reputation for its products’ quality and services, by providing end-to-end solutions to its targeted customers.


Manufacturing / Assembly

OES has several manufacturing/assembly facilities which allows the company to provide its clients the exact measurements of the products needed to be installed. Our dedicated assembly staff has vast experience in hardware refrigeration production of custom refrigeration gaskets and strip curtains in the right dimensions for all types of reach-in refrigerators and a walk-in doorways in a very short time. OES has its own line of Door Closers, Night Covers and Anti Sweat Heater Controls which we provide our customers in accordance to their needs.


The company’s sales team operates across country and is very familiarize with all the various energy efficiency programs that exist in the market.

The OES sales department consists of a field and office team. The office sales team creates new customer targets for the company by providing an active outreach to potential clients in the market and explaining them about the company, its capabilities and the incentive’s options the clients might have in their designated geographic location. The field sales team then arrives to the location, provides the survey for the customer and explains to them their options of receiving OES services and products.



When it comes to installation OES has the finest installers in the industry. Our installers have completed over 10,000 retrofit projects. The company’s installation process is very fast thanks to the ongoing efficient assembly capabilities on the back end of the firm. In the event of an electric utility direct install program the company can even complete custom projects in less than a day’s work, while ensuring maximum installation quality to our satisfied customers.


When completing a project our work is not yet done, we pride ourselves in providing full maintenance services if needed to our clients by guiding them on the right operation behavior of their refrigeration systems as well as conducting routine inspection and refrigeration cleanup of the door parameter.





Increasing awareness in energy efficiency is one of the company’s goals. OES introduces refrigeration measure opportunities to electric utility companies and energy consulting enterprises, that aren’t currently utilizing these measures in their energy efficiency offerings. We also present OES measures to those utilities and energy consulting companies incorporating refrigeration incentives – however not using hardware refrigeration measures (i.e. gaskets, strip curtains, etc.)

OES provides guidance to all its end users by showing them their possibilities for energy savings in their facilities and also increase maintenance awareness to their refrigeration equipment enhancing the overall refrigeration system’s life.


OES is constantly researching the market for energy efficient trends in the refrigeration industry in order to keep up to date as well as making sure we can provide the best energy solutions for our clients both domestically and internationally. The company is also issuing yearly white papers of studies that have been conducted on company’s products as well as market trends. We also conduct M&V studies for some of the company’s measures alongside other professional entities in the industry. OES is actively looking for new technologies that will address its customer’s applications and needs for reducing electricity consumption.