Modernizing your refrigeration and freezer system is a very careful, yet critical practice. This is especially important if you work in a commercial setting. There are many people that you’ll need to support, so it’s important that your refrigeration equipment is always performing up to par. A fully-functioning refrigeration and freezer are two must-have machines, but in order to get the most out of these cooling solutions, it’s a good idea to know he best ways to care for them. That’s why it’s crucial for you to take the right steps in order to keep your systems up to date.

This is the procedure that you’ll need to follow in order to maximize the performance of your commercial freezing and refrigeration equipment:

Get The Right Equipment In Place

The first step in this process is to understand what you are working with. If there is a lot of food to store, then make sure that you have an abundance of commercial freezer parts present. The right equipment is essential. Some of the commercial cooler parts that your repair company should support you with includes:

  • Reach-in refrigeration systems
  • Walk-in coolers (for restaurant and kitchen settings)
  • Ice machines and water coolers
  • Upright and chest freezers
  • Cold air insulation systems
  • Defrosting units and drainage systems
  • Commercial freezer door parts (hinges, gaskets, locks, etc.)

Maintenance And Upkeep

Once you have gathered the right supplies, it’s important that you put together a regular maintenance plan. These programs should have a cleaning and inspection list. Make sure to thoroughly clean the interior and exterior of your freezer and refrigeration stations. Perform a close examination of the entire surface area, and if there are any replacement parts that need to be installed, make sure this gets accomplished immediately.

Maintain A Steady Airflow

Keeping cold air flowing into the refrigeration system is vital. In order to do this, you need to make sure that your cold air intake valve, compressor, and condenser coils are all working in unison. The condenser coil will generate hot gas into the refrigeration unit. The gas will then be transported into the compressor unit and converted into a liquid coolant. From there, the evaporator fan motor will convert the fluid into cool air and properly distribute that throughout the refrigeration surface.

Routine Defrosting and Drainage

In order to keep food items fresh, you’ll need to defrost your refrigeration system on a routine basis. To do this properly, make sure you set a defrost timer for yourself. Remove all refrigeration and freezer stations from the system and then manually defrost the system by unplugging the units. Finally, once all the frost has melted, you’ll need to dispose of any water or liquid waste through the drainage valve.

Inspect The Gaskets

A door gasket is an essential refrigeration part. This utility is what keeps the freezer or refrigerator sealed shut. If the gasket splits or cracks in any way, then this will prevent you from keeping the unit door shut, causing cool air to exit from the interior. To prevent any damage, make sure that you routinely clean the gaskets. If there are any cracks or splits detected, make an immediate effort to replace the entire gasket with its appropriate model.

Keep The Refrigeration Units Dry

Too much moisture can cause your freezer or refrigerator to inadvertently freeze. If this happens, then it can stop the unit from working properly altogether. Be sure to wipe off any liquid that accumulates in the interior of the refrigeration system. Check for moisture buildups frequently and clean up after any spills.

Leave The Hard Stuff To OES

If you are ready to upgrade your commercial refrigeration environment, then make sure you have the right team in your corner. At Orange Energizing Solutions, we are experts in all things refrigeration management. In an effort to help you maximize your refrigeration and freezer systems, we’ll make sure that you have the right supplies and equipment in place, along with the proper management guidelines.

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