If your organization still depends on traditional lighting systems like metal halide bulbs, fluorescent tubes, or halogen lamps for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs, you’ve probably considered the possibility of upgrading to an LED system. If you’re still wavering between upgrading to LED or sticking with your existing system, here are 10ten critical benefits that may just convince you that now’s the time to make the switch.

1. Long Lifetimes

Today’s LED bulbs offer the longest lifespans in the industry. Most LEDs are rated to last up to 50,000 hours which is about 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs, 25 times longer than halogen, and 10ten times longer than CFL. If you run an LED lamp for 12 hours a day, it can last 11 years or longer. When you install or change an LED bulb, you can count on not having to worry about replacing it again for years to come. And the longer your bulbs last, the better your ROI.

2. Energy Efficiency

By now, you’ve probably heard this repeatedly: LEDs are the most energy efficient bulbs on the market today. But here’s what you may not know:. Since LEDs produce minimal heat, 80 to 90 of the electrical energy is converted to direct light. Traditional bulbs, on the other hands, may lose as much as 80% of power to heat. At the same time, lower heat production results in longer lifespans.

3. Durability

LEDs are more resistant to impact, temperature, debris, and dust than traditional lighting systems. You’ll find yourself not only changing light bulbs less frequently because they last longer but also because they don’t break as often.

4. Eco-Friendly

LED lights don’t contain any of the toxic materials found in conventional fluorescent lights. That means they’re also recyclable, so your organization substantially reduces your carbon footprint.

5. No Emissions

LEDs produced little to no infrared light or UV emissions. This factor makes LEDs ideal for illuminating goods and materials that are sensitive to heat or light, especially in museums, art galleries, print shops, and manufacturing environments.

6. Customization

With an LED lighting solution, your customization options go far beyond what’s possible with conventional light systems. LED bulbs allow you to select the ideal color temperature and lighting effects to allow your team to see better and feel more comfortable at your facility.

7. Temperature Resistance

For many other lighting systems, performance is negatively impacted by temperature fluctuations. LEDs, however, function most efficiently in cold temperatures while still operating at warmer temperatures.

8. Instant Light

LED lights don’t require time to warm up like CFL bulbs. When you flip the switch, LED lights instantly illuminate your facility. Plus, you can switch them on and off as frequently as you want without shortening their lifespan.

9. Straightforward LED Retrofit Kits

Today’s LED upgrades don’t require extensive infrastructure upgrades to take advantage of their benefits. Chances are, your facility can already support an LED upgrade with straightforward retrofit kits that make upgrading to LED as simple as screwing in a light bulb.

10. Safer Facilities

From LED parking lot lights to super bright LED downlights, LEDs create a safer, more secure environment for you and your team. Better lighting reduces the risk of injuries or mishaps while brighter outdoor lights act as a deterrent to crime.

Your LED Specialists

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