Anti-sweat heaters (ASH) are an essential part of keeping refrigerated display cases cool and clean. They work to keep condensation from developing on the doors, frames, and glass, and they prevent them from fogging up. This prevents problems such as floor puddles, door frame corrosion, mold and mildew formation on the gaskets, and general deterioration of the glass, doors, and frames. However, if your anti-sweat heaters are running 24/7, you may be wasting energy and money, and your refrigeration system may benefit from an ASH automated control system.

What Are ASH Automated Controls and How Do They Work?

ASH automated controls adjust the heater’s duty cycle to the conditions in the store around it. They regulate the glass heater, the door frame heater, and the case mullion heater (which prevents the door from freezing shut). The controls raise or lower the duty cycle depending on the humidity and the dew point in the store. This way, the anti-sweat heaters in the refrigerated display cases can consume the right amount of energy needed to prevent condensation from forming, rather than consuming a high level of energy all the time.

How Do the Controls Conserve Energy?

ASH automated controls reduce the display case’s heating and cooling energy by reducing the heaters’ run time. This prevents the heaters from using extra energy during periods when condensation is unlikely to form on the doors or the glass. It also reduces the electrical demand on the heaters and the amount of excess heat the case’s refrigeration system needs to remove.

How Do ASH Controls Save Money in the Long Run?

Because the ASH control panels reduce the heaters’ run-time, they also reduce the amounts of money spent keeping the anti-sweat heaters running. If you were spending a specific amount on running your heaters 24/7, and the ASH control panel only runs it for eight hours a day, you’ve just cut your costs by two-thirds. ASH controls can save at least 30% on anti-sweat heating costs, but the savings can be bigger than that, ranging from 45% to 90%. Using anti-sweat controls can definitely minimize your heating costs and improve your energy management.

Control Your ASH With OES

If you’re looking into automated ASH controls, you’ll want a team of skilled technicians to install your automated HVAC control panels properly. At OES, we have extensive experience installing energy-saving control panels for companies that need their refrigerated cases to run efficiently. We know how to work with your refrigeration and HVAC systems so you save energy and money while your equipment operates efficiently at all hours. Our high-quality HVAC control panel design will allow you to run your company without running your anti-sweat heaters too much.