Most people associate an LED upgrade with increased energy efficiency and cost savings driven by lower utility bills. One of the other critical reasons to consider deploying an LED upgrade that frequently gets overlooked is the increased productivity that an LED solution offers. Whether your team works in an office or a warehouse, an LED solution can add lasting value to your operations by enabling your team to get tasks done in less time. If you’re unclear on the connection between lighting and your team’s productivity, we’re here to clarify how an LED upgrade and increased productivity go hand in hand.

Measurable Results

According to a 2018 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, companies experienced a 0.7% increase in productivity by upgrading to an LED lighting system. As a direct result, profitability increased enough to reduce the LED payback period from 3.5 years to just a few months. This means with an LED lighting system, your team’s increased productivity leads to increased profitability, and therefore your LED upgrade starts saving you money from day one while ultimately generating positive cash flow.

Increased Cognitive Function

Another study in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics discovered that cognitive performance increased by 8.3% when workers worked in an environment illuminated by LEDs instead of fluorescent lighting. At the same time, LED lighting also improved reaction times, reduced fatigue, and boosted activity.
Imitating Sunlight
Researchers have found that warm white LED lighting increases productivity by replicating organic sunlight. With customizable color temperatures, LED lighting offers the possibility of imitating sunlight. By balancing LED lighting with natural daylight, your organization can increase energy efficiency while providing a more comfortable environment for employees, especially during the winter. A room illuminated by LED area lights can increase serotonin production that leads to improved mood and makes for happier employees.

Improved Safety

LED lights are brighter than traditional lighting systems, thereby reducing eye strain and fatigue and cultivating a safer work environment. Poorly lit environments invite the possibility of worker injuries or mistakes, especially when working in active facilities like warehouses or manufacturing plants. By creating a safer environment for your team, you can reduce downtime following a worker injury.

Maximize Quality Control

If you work with strict quality control standards, your team needs clear, precise lighting with minimal glare to spot imperfections quickly. LED lighting offers the customization features to develop a lighting infrastructure optimized for your quality control department. By improving quality control, you can elevate productivity by giving your team the tools to spot potential quality issues before they become critical problems that lead to downtime and product loss that ultimately cut into your bottom line.

Your LED Lighting Specialists

Whether your business is interested in exploring a straightforward LED retrofit kit solution, or you want to deploy LED parking lot lights to increase safety, Orange Energizing Solutions has the lighting resources you need to make your upgrade as seamless as possible. Contact our team today, and we’ll work with you to deploy light sources optimized for your facility.