If your business depends on commercial refrigeration, then you may have a thief in your midst. Those old refrigerator door gaskets are allowing your precious cold air to escape – along with your money.

Luckily, you can fight back and save on energy in your operation with replacement refrigerator gaskets from Orange Energizing Solutions (OES). Best of all, this particular energy efficiency program may not cost you a dime. That’s because OES is a Trade Ally contractor in the
 Entergy Arkansas Entergy Solutions Program. As a result, the product, installation, and maintenance might all be free of charge.

Commercial refrigerator gaskets all start out with a tight fit, sealing out warm air and keeping your products fresh and safe. Over time, gaskets on display cases, refrigerators, freezers and walk-ins all start to compress decreasing energy efficiency and increasing the workload of your equipment. What’s more, that moist air infiltrating the equipment and cause frost to form on your cooling equipment leading to catastrophic failure.

Replacing those gaskets has always been a hassle for restaurants and groceries alike. The gasket has to be fitted precisely and it has to be an exact match. While energy efficiency is important, it tends to take a back seat to day-to-day operations.

Even if you have someone in your business that can handle replacing the gaskets, getting the exact right gasket for every door can be daunting. If you happen to get the wrong gasket – a very common occurrence, if you’re not doing this every day — you might wait weeks to get a new one from the manufacturer only to find it in a tangled mass at the bottom of the box.

Partnering with Orange Energizing Solutions, we’ll help you set up a proper energy efficiency program and replace those gaskets with the exact match before they fail and start to rob you of your profits. We make a broad line of commercial refrigerator gaskets designed to be exact replacements for the originals. We’ll guarantee that your new gasket will fit precisely and work as well or better than the one that came with your unit.

First, our staff will conduct an onsite survey of your business’s refrigeration energy usage. We’ll check every door and gasket for leaks and recommend a schedule for regular replacement.

Then, we’ll help guide you through all of the steps to get the best possible financial incentives from the Entergy Arkansas Solutions program. There’s no question that you’ll save money on your monthly electric bills and help protect your products. But, you will also make your equipment last longer and you can even feel good about helping protect the environment by reducing overall energy demand.

Incentives from Entergy Arkansas may even mean that the program won’t cost you anything out of pocket. All you need to do is make a simple phone call to Orange Energizing Solutions to get started on your gasket replacement program. 

OES is a Trade Ally contractor in the Entergy Arkansas Entergy Solutions Program and have partnerships with the following counties: Harrison, Walnut Ridge, Batesville, Marion, Russelville, Conway, Searcy, West Markham, Jacksonville, Stutgart, Helena, Hot Springs, Baseline, Pine Bluff, Malvern, Magnolia El Dorado, Monticello, and Lake Village.

Take that step and put a stop to those worn out gaskets stealing your money. Call us today for at 1 (855) GASKETS4U

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